I am a Brand & UX/UI Designer creating classy elegant clean intuitive visually stunning designs that evoke emotions

Above all, I am passionate about my craft (and yours for that matter!) and have a deep appreciation for the power of design to transform the way people interact with brands. I am committed to creating designs that not only look beautiful but also speak to the soul of the target audience, leaving a lasting impression that inspires loyalty and drives business growth.

In summary

I was always one those creative children. Drawing, cutting, gluing, decoupaging, designing my own huge board games. Basically I couldn’t sit on my own without the “doing something” part. 
I also attended a part time art school throughout elementary and high school, which gave me exposure to a lot of different forms of art.

Then another big interest started growing in me, which was the World. I wanted to experience the different cultures, to meet people outside of my bubble, and most importantly to travel, which I only started at the age of 20. This changed the course of my life.

Eventually I worked in the Hospitality and Travel industry in Tenerife, Mallorca and in Dubai. Currently I am a Londoner. So this dream is definitely accomplished.

Now on to dream 1, the original one buried somewhere inside me for more than a decade.

In 2022 I dived into graphic, UX & UI design, met inspiring people and fell in love with creating again. 

All my previous experiences helped me to understand the World and people better which adds to my approach to design.

Thank you for being here, checking my work out.